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Outdoor Team Building

Team Building Events

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At Atlantis, The Palm our aim is to help create not just a memorable, but an unforgettable team building or corporate event. If you can dream it, we will strive to make it happen; and after all, with The Palm or ‘8th Wonder of the World’ as your stage, you’ll find your event elevated to the extraordinary.

We organise fun and enjoyable team building days and corporate events including outdoor, indoor, adventure, custom-made and family fun activities. Combined with creative ability of our dedicated events team, we promise you and your company a truly unforgettable event.

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Outdoor Team Building

AED 300 per person
1 hour 30 Minutes

Surf n Turf Relay Races

Surf 'N' Turf Relay Races

Outdoors, competitive, high energy

As a one-of-a-kind sporting event, the Surf ‘N’ Turf involves running, swimming and paddling. In what has become a race like no other, this adventure style event is considered to be a great test of teamwork and fitness accomplishment.

Beach Football Tournament

Beach Football Tournament

Outdoors, competitive, high energy

The world’s coolest sport gets taken to the beach! With teams no bigger than 11 players per side, the game is an exciting and fast paced beach football tournament that is fun for everyone.

Beach Volley Tournament

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Outdoors, competitive, high energy

Sun, sand, sets and spikes! Teams of six per side will have to play their way through the classic styled beach volleyball tournament to reach the top and gain bragging rights of being the best.

Sand Sculpture Creations

Sand Sculpture Creations

Outdoors, creativity, low energy

Building sand sculpture may not be just a dream as the saying goes. It may not even be a child’s game. In actual fact, building a sand sculpture is a hard activity. It takes a good combination of sand, water, planning and teamwork to build a great creation.

In the Boardroom

AED 100 per person
Boardroom charges apply 1 hour

Indoors, competitive, high energy, strategic, communication

We have a wide range of activities which give all of the fun and benefits of team building hosted indoors, whether during a conference or as a dedicated activity day.

In the Boardroom Team Building

The Atlantean Race Team Building

Family Fun Day

AED 300 per adult / AED 250 per child
1 hour 30 minutes

Outdoors, competitive, high energy, strategic, communication

Reward your employees by inviting them to bring their families to a Family Fun Day

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Family Fun Day Team Building

Custom-Made Team Building

Adventure Team Building

AED 400 per person - 2 hours per activity

The Atlantean Exploration

The Atlantean Exploration

Outdoors, competitive, high energy, creative, communication

Are you ready to go exploring? Each team will have to work together to decode secret messages hidden around the resort and go through a series of physical activities, where they will be challenged on their communication and teamwork skills.

The Atlantean Race

The Atlantean Race

Outdoors, competitive, high energy, strategic, creative, communication

In this race against the clock, teams will need to use their thinking skills to set the strategy, solve the clues and get as many questions answered as possible.

Custom-made Team Building

Custom-Made Team Building

AED 350 per person Up to a maximum of 5 activities 2 hours. Outdoors, competitive, high energy, strategic, communication. Our classic team building is a custom-made package for your group. Based on the size of your group, our enthusiastic team will develop a fun, rotational team building programme that will keep everyone entertained.

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