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Find yourself in the lost city of Atlantis in this spectacular performance.

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Be Enchanted By The Legend Of Atlantis

Immerse yourself in a dream-like world where the sea meets the sky. Using state-of-the-art technology and a 3D water stage, C Show brings the story of Atlantis to life. Be captivated as synchronised swimmers, aerial acrobats and divers tell the tale of Atlas and his beloved Nadia, who was turned into a swan by the curse of a sea monster. Find out if Atlas can overcome the odds to win the love of his life.

Where Water Meets Wonder

C Show's incredible 3D water stage has a capacity of 7000 cubic metres, equivalent to four Olympic-size swimming pools. The show uses the latest technology, including smoke machines, LED screens, bubble effects and a Meyer sound system, to bring the mysterious city of Atlantis to life.


Meet The Characters

Discover the characters of this ancient legend.


The prince of the ocean, Atlas will inspire you with his bravery and strength.


The kind and beautiful princess of the forest, Nadia falls in love with Atlas.

The Sea Monster

Meet the evil sea monster who cast a spell on Nadia and turned her into a swan.

The Fishermen

Laugh as you watch these clumsy troublemakers at play.

The Running Fish

An incarnation of dolphins, he helps Atlas rescue the love of his life, Nadia.

Meet The Creators

C Show was brought to life with the help of these incredibly talented people, renowned for being the best in the industry.

Guy Caron, Chief Director
Guy Caron was the first artistic director of Cirque du Soleil and founder of the National Circus School.

Lin Zhenyu, Joint Chief Director
Lin Zhenya has directed artistic events for China Central Television, was part of the Beijing Olympics organising committee, as has been a panellist for the International Emmy Awards.

Michael Curry
A well-known prop and stage designer, Michael Curry has created designs for Disney, Universal Studios and Cirque du Soleil to name a few.

Monlove Studios
One of the world's leading music production teams for the stage, Monlove Studios created the breathtaking score for C Show.

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