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Ultimate Snorkel at Atlantis

Diving In Atlantis

Discover the premier destination for scuba diving in Dubai.


Welcome to the Ambassador Lagoon

You don't need to be a certified diver to dive at Atlantis Dubai. Get up close to a dazzling array of marine animals in the Ambassador Lagoon, home to 65,000 sharks, stingrays and fish. From kids to grandparents, beginners to professionals, we have snorkelling and scuba diving packages for all ages.

Amazing Aquarium Dives, Even Without a Diving Cetificate

At Atlantis, you can experience what it feels like to snorkel, dive or even walk underwater while you're surrounded by 65,000 marine animals including sharks, giant rays and thousands of colourful fishes. And the best thing is that you don't have to be a certified diver for most of our aquarium experiences. So, what are you waiting for?

Dive Discovery

The perfect way to discover scuba diving in Dubai, open to non-certified divers aged 10 and up.

Ultimate Snorkel at Atlantis Dubai

Ultimate Snorkel

The whole family will love this immersive experience, as you snorkel in the Ambassador Lagoon, watching the extraordinary marine life below. Suitable for swimmers aged six and up.

Aquatrek Experiences

The Aquatrek is a true bucket-list experience. Using high-tech underwater helmets, you will be able to breathe underwater surrounded by the 65,000 marine animals that call the Ambassador Lagoon their home.

Aquatrek at Atlantis Dubai

Try An Aquatrek

Walk underwater with the Aquatrek experience in the Ambassador Lagoon, wearing a state-of-the-art special helmet. You'll be surrounded by thousands of marine animals during this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Aquatrek Xtreme Atlantis Dubai

Brand New: Aquatrek Xtreme

Experience the brand new Aquatrek Xtreme and descend to record-breaking depths. Using a special helmet, you will go down to the bottom of Dubai’s largest aquarium to experience the thrill of being surrounded by thousands of marine species including sharks, stingrays, and countless colourful fish.

Aquatrek at Night at Atlantis Dubai

Aquatrek by Night

Explore Dubai’s largest aquarium after dark. Using a special helmet and nothing more than your underwater torch you will be amazed by the 65,000 marine animals surrounding you while you trek through the Ambassador Lagoon as they become most active.

For The Experienced Divers

As a PADI certified diver you can experience something truly unforgettable while you’re diving in the Ambassador Lagoon. Dive and surround yourself by 65,000 marine animals including different shark species, giant stingrays and thousands of colourful fish species.

Four Divers in Ambassador Lagoon

Dive Explorer

Scuba dive among the Atlantis ruins in the Ambassador Lagoon, home to 65,000 marine animals. For certified divers aged 10 and up. 

Diver Ambassador Lagoon

Predator Dive

Descend into the world-famous ambassador lagoon for the unique opportunity to hand-feed up to 14 different species of sharks and rays amongst 65,000 marine animals. For certified divers aged 10 and up.

So Much More To Explore

Plan your visit to Atlantis Aquaventure, including iconic rides at Aquaventure Waterpark, dolphin swims and sea lion encounters.

Slitherine Water Slide at Aquaventure

Aquaventure Waterpark

Check out the UAE's best water park and ride on the iconic slides.

Smiling with a Dolphin

Dolphin Bay

Swim with our friendly pod of bottlenose dolphins in the calm waters of Dolphin Bay.

Mom And Daughter Ambassador Lagoon

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Learn about the legend of Atlantis and the 65,000 marine creatures who call Atlantis Dubai home.

Photofun at Sea Lion Point Atlantis

Sea Lion Point

Get up close with our cuddly sea lions in a once-in-a-lifetime encounter at Sea Lion Point.

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