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Shark Attack Water Slide with Friends Aquaventure

Aquaventure Waterpark Slides And Rides

Be amazed by 30 exciting waterslides and rides at Dubai's No.1 water park.

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Record-Breaking Waterslides

Aquaventure Waterpark is home to the best waterslides in Dubai, from hair-raising twists and turns to high-speed drops.

Body Slides

Slide down Aquaventure Waterpark's exhilarating body slides.

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Leap of Faith Water Slide at Aquaventure

The Leap Of Faith

Are you brave enough to take the Leap Of Faith at Atlantis Aquaventure? Plunge from a height of nine storeys as you speed down a near-vertical drop, right through the centre of a lagoon that's teeming with sharks and stingrays.

Poseidons Revenge Slide at Aquaventure

Poseidon's Revenge

Feel your adrenaline skyrocket as you step into the capsule of Poseidon's Revenge, the most daring water slide in Dubai. Once the floor falls away, you'll hit speeds of up to 60km/h, before looping upside-down on this high-octane course spanning 116m.

Slitherine Water Slide at Aquaventure


Race your friends down the world's first twin-racing tube slide, and compare your times at the finish line.

Shark Attack Water Slide at AquaventureSelfie on Shark Attack Aquaventure

Shark Attack

Cruise through Shark Attack's clear tube, sailing right through an aquarium teeming with sharks.

Tube Slides

Stinger, Falls, The Storm and The Surge: These inner tube slides use innovative technology to create a water rollercoaster propelling riders up and down on powerful jets of water throughout the Aquaventure waterscape. Experience some of the wildest water slides around and navigate your way through the labyrinth of dark tunnels before landing in the lazy river.

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Dad and Son at Aquaventure
River Rapids at Aquaventure

Rapid River

Ride Dubai's longest Rapid River including the wild river rapids. It takes 45 minutes to complete a lap!

Group Rides

Slides to enjoy with your friends or family.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai


Defy gravity on a six-seater tube, as you zoom up the 14m-high wall at breathtaking angles.

Aquaconda Water Slide at Aquaventure


Ride the world’s largest tube-waterslide, as you're catapulted through a series of terrifying turns. 

Surf's Up Wave Rider

Grab a board for the ride of a lifetime on the Surf's Up Wave Rider, our state-of-the-art wave machine.

Lifeguard Surfing at Wavehouse

A World Of Aquaventure Awaits

Waterslides are just the beginning at Atlantis Aquaventure, where exciting rides, dives and marine life experiences await.

Diver Ambassador Lagoon

Feed Stingrays

Meet our happy stingrays as you hand-feed these gentle creatures in knee-deep water.

Aquatrek Xtreme Atlantis Dubai

Shark Safari

Our unique helmets let you take an underwater walk inside a shark tank – no experience required!

Four Divers in Ambassador Lagoon

Diving At Atlantis

Be amazed by our certified and non-certified dives among 65,000 marine animals in the Ambassador Lagoon.

Kids Playing at Splashers Aquaventure

Splashers Kids' Play Area

Your little ones will love the waterslides for kids and safe play areas at Splashers.

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