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Lose yourself in a haven of tranquillity

AWAKEN Massage

Combining Swedish and aromatherapy massage styles with Reiki energy healing, your therapist works the major muscle groups while channelling positive energy flow to restore balance. Select which AWAKEN massage oil works for you, your preferred level of pressure, as well as your element of choice.

AWAKEN Energy Therapy

Completely guided by your therapists’ intuition and the ancient art of Byosen, also known as hand scanning, the intention is to sense energy variations in your body caused by physical ailments or emotional pain. Both hands on and hands off Reiki energy work will be used to help direct life force energy where it’s most needed to enable relaxation and speed healing.

AWAKEN Chakra Balance

Our energy centres are powerful forces that when brought into harmony, unlock our true potential. This unique tune up is a sensory experience with the combination of a massage and chakra balancing. Purposeful movements are combined with vibrational attunement to specific sound frequencies via tuning forks to clear and heal your energy.

AWAKEN Hypno Healing

Reset your mind with this hypnotic experience comprising of a full body massage with a powerfully mindful head massage, complete with sound immersion, deep breathwork and hypnotic suggestion to feel calm and at ease. Fully shift into the now with a positive mental state and relieve headaches and stress.

Massages Of The World

Our therapists are honoured to share their homeland’s massage therapies. Select from a deep tissue Philippine Hilot using banana leaves and coconut oil, a Thai massage combining stretching and flexibility movements, an African Rungu massage using hand carved massage sticks, a traditional Indian massage or a sustained strong-pressure Balinese massage. Each day we focus on a modality, be sure to ask for today’s specialist.

Salt & Crystal Massage

This treatment begins with box breathing exercises to place the physical body into complete relaxation. Your therapist then performs a light pressure oil massage with heated Himalayan salt crystal stones for detoxification and finally, a face massage with a crystal Gua Sha tool for the ultimate feeling of balance.

Rose Hydr8

For the ultimate infusion of much needed moisture, this full body treatment includes a scrub that softens and revitalises skin, followed by a wrap containing damask rose, chamomile and neroli for hydrated skin. A relaxing scalp massage completes this uniquely indulgent experience.

The Body Method By Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader’s The Body Method is the ultimate hydration experience that addresses all the areas that show the first signs of aging. It contains the signature Trigger Factor Complex 8 technology that targets your skin and instructs your cells how to heal and self-regulate to reveal perfectly smooth and nourished skin. The experience is followed by a relaxing massage with rich essential oils.

Cryo Effect By Dr. Burgener

Health-boosting glacial salts rich in therapeutic minerals detoxify and exfoliate the skin while a lipo-draining CryoFit wrap targets the lymphatic system. Finally, an ice cryo-sphere massage with essential oils reduces water retention for an overall slimming effect.

Caviar Cure By Dr. Burgener

For the ultimate regeneration of skin volume, collagen synthesis and skin elasticity, this experience uses mineral rich green caviar sea pearls with ultrasound technology to enhance stem cells and help your skin absorb more nutrients, leaving it incredibly refreshed and youthful.

The Method By Augustinus Bader

This bespoke, science-backed treatment combines Professor Bader’s award-winning skincare technology, TFC8®, with a customised fascia massage to stimulate cell rejuvenation. The highly sensorial, hands-on facial leverages Augustinus Bader’s hero formulas to help boost cellular communication, promote circulation, address skin’s unique needs at a deep level, and visibly regenerate, firm, tone and refresh – for the best skin you’ve had in years.

The Classic Hydrafacial MD®

A customisable and rejuvenating skin treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, congested pores, mild acne, hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This facial treatment includes LED light therapy, leaving you to experience truly exquisite results.

Triple Brightening By Dr. Burgener

For a natural dewy illuminating look that reflects a healthy glow. This facial uses natural exfoliants and antioxidants to help resurface dull skin along with a specialised draining and lifting facial massage.

Aroma Anti-Aging

Using essential oils and plant extracts, this aromatic treatment boosts circulation while softening and firming the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spa and Fitness Centre access complimentary for in-house guests?

The Fitness Centre is available to guests over the age of 16 years. Guests guests aged 12 to 15 years old can use the Fitness Centre between 9am and 2pm daily when accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18+. Guests taking spa treatments have access to the AWAKEN Retreat spa facilities.

Should I arrive earlier to my appointment?

In order to give you adequate time to fill in the Well-being Questionnaire and relax, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your treatment. A late arrival will affect the duration of your scheduled appointment.

Are there lockers at AWAKEN?

Yes. Complimentary lockers are available for the duration of your spa treatment, however we do not recommend you bring valuables to AWAKEN.

What is the AWAKEN Retreat?

The AWAKEN Circuit is composed of the four natural elements of air, fire, earth and water. Spending time in each helps to purify and release while absorbing and re-invigorating energy. Balancing these elemental forces ensures an overall feeling of well-being and is included if taking spa treatments.

Benefits: Detoxifies metabolic waste and is excellent-post exercise, post-massage or after crossing time zones.
Temperature: 80 - 100 C / 176 - 212 F

Benefits: Increase in cardio function, lessening of joint stiffness and opening of sinuses. This is excellent pre or post-massage to warm muscles and joints and to hydrate the respiratory tract with aromatherapy to enhance your mood.
Temperature: 40 - 55 C / 104 - 143 F

Benefits: Hydrotherapy via air and water jets is excellent for gentle muscle and joint relaxation.
Temperature: 35 - 38 C / 95 -100F

Benefits: Water, light, aroma and colour therapy is used to cleanse, lift your spirits and engage the senses.
Tips: Use between cold and heat experiences to rinse, cleanse and prepare you for your next experience.

What attire do I need to bring with me on the day of my treatment?

Bathrobes, spa slippers and spa briefs are provided. Swimsuits or shorts are recommended while enjoying the AWAKEN Retreat or heat and water facilities.

Are there any contraindications to using the AWAKEN Wellness facilities if I have a health concern?

Kindly consult with your physician before taking any treatment or using our facility. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, please make sure to inform our wellness team. Spa services are contraindicated in the first 3-months of pregnancy.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes, you may purchase a gift voucher here.