AWAKEN Fitness at Atlantis Dubai

Welcome to a new level of fitness

Experience fitness like never before at AWAKEN’s state-of-the-art facilities.
ShuiQi Fitness Underwater Yoga

Underwater Yoga

Reconnect your mind, body and soul with yoga while being mesmerised by 65,000 marine animals
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Personal Training

By testing limits and inspiring results, our trainers will build a foundational programme to help you train for an athletic life event. One-on-one focused training helps to keep you on track in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Stretch Pod

Assisted stretching from our specialists using long stretching movements and body weight to increase range of motion. Perfect for pre or post workout routines and for stretching out a specific area of the body.


Speed up your recovery with sports cryo chamber therapy. Cryotherapy brings relief from muscular soreness, reduces inflammation, and oxygenates while rapidly flushing toxins through your body to eliminate them faster. Surprising benefits include a deeper sleep cycle and wildly enhanced energy via endorphin release.

PNF Assisted Stretching

An advanced form of flexibility training and rehabilitation which involves both the contracting and stretching of the muscle group being targeted, increasing neuromuscular efficiency.

Aqua Sound Bath

Experience a deep sense of relaxation by combining therapeutic benefits of floating in water and the harmonic frequency of singing bowls. This immersive experience allows you to release the area that are no longer serving you and refill the energetic body with an abundance of peace and joy.

Guided Meditation

Our intuitive meditation guides will tailor your meditation journey via mental imagery with a series of breathing exercises and mantras that will enhance your state of mind and increase self-awareness and self-love. One-to-one and group classes are available.

Family Sound Bath

Bring your family together and unite in a bonding connection that allows a safe space for peaceful realignment to strengthen the family bond. Suitable for all ages.


Cryotherapy is considered one of the most effective ways to achieve youthful-looking skin. Hyper-cool temperatures are applied to the skin’s surface to stimulate the increase of collagen production, which is the foundation of firm and healthy skin.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Cryogenically cooled air surrounds the body and accelerates blood circulation, resulting in increased metabolism and calorie expenditure for added weight loss.

Muscle and Injury Recovery

The extremely cold temperatures help to fight inflammation in the body and assist in injury recovery and repair for faster, non-invasive results letting you get back to your fitness routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children use AWAKEN Fitness?

Guests must be aged 16 years and above to use the fitness facilities.

What fitness equipment will I find?

We use Technogym Artis line of strength, conditioning, cardio and functional fitness equipment.

Do you offer group fitness classes?

Yes. Guests can book a variety of group classes from Boot Camp to Zumba. AWAKEN-Fitness-Schedule

Are there lockers at AWAKEN Fitness?

Yes. Complimentary lockers are available for the duration of your workout.

Can guests make use of the Spa facilities when using the Fitness Centre?

The spa facilities are exclusively for guests taking spa services.