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Your kids won’t want to miss their chance to dive into Paradise Island’s kids club, Atlantis Kids Adventures. Resort guests ages 3 to 12 are invited to choose their own adventure within themed spaces designed specifically for children’s Atlantis imagination and enjoyment. Hosted by a staff Adventure Guides ready to help with culinary lessons, interactive electronic art, theater, outdoor play – and more.

Morning and Afternoon Adventure’s allow kids three to five to become detectives, pirates and wizards and enjoy splashing in the sun and kids 6 to 12 to experience beach and backyard blasts, being on the cover of a magazine, interactive games, stage performances or joining a three ring circus. Evening Adventures allow kids 3-12 to take on a challenge, join in a candy carnival, Pirates in Paradise or a sleepless slumber party! Each night features a new adventure that will leave you wanting more! Atlantis Kids Adventures is a place to let imaginations run wild, where kids will never know what they may learn and discover! But remember, proof of kid-dom will be required.

Inquire within Atlantis Kids Adventures for this week's schedules and times.
Dial 1-242-363-3000, extension 65946 and find out what's in store today.

Kids 3-5 will become detectives, pirates and wizards and enjoy splashing in the sun. Kids 6-12 will experience beach & backyard blasts, being on the cover of a magazine, interactive games, stage performances or joining a three ring circus.

Kids 3-12 can take on a challenge, join in a candy carnival, buccaneer’s bash or a sleepless slumber party! Each night features a new adventure that will leave you wanting more!


COOKS@PLAY wear a chefs hat and apron, add a little sugar and spice and viola! An Atlantis Adventure Chef is born! This food adventure offers a hands-on-experience kneading, whisking, mixing, rolling, measuring and maybe even some airbrushing on chocolate techniques! You will cook up a recipe, admire the finished product and then comes the best part! Savor your delicious creation!

Choose from one of two fun programs:

Culinary Adventure
A fun, exciting and yummy two-hour cooking experience is waiting for you! Enjoy an afternoon filled with tasty surprises as you create everything from molten chocolate cakes to popcorn pops to candy pizzas. For ages 6-12

Ultimate Culinary Adventure
This three hour culinary adventure is a hands-on-experience creating your very own masterpiece! An Exotic Candy Ocean, Pretzel Twisting or Pizza Painting are just some of the cool cooking classes that are offered at our Culinary Adventure. Add some culinary tips and napkin folding and it’s fun for everyone! For ages 6-12


 This is a very special area created just for 3 – 5 year olds that encourages them to use their imagination and create their own fun!

Lego Construction

Little boys who like to build with Legos, duplos, building blocks and other construction equipment will have the time of their lives in our Lego Construction room. Put on your hard hat and go to work!


Watch a movie, play board games or hang out with Tripp, the super-friendly story telling tree! Relax on the cozy carpet or hang out in one of our circular nooks while reading your favorite story.

Grocery Store

Grab a shopping cart and pick up all of your favorite groceries. When you are finished, head to the cashier and check out with play money. Then head to the Victorian Kitchen to play with all your goodies.

Victorian Dollhouse

Host a tea party with new friends, take care of your favorite baby doll, entertain on your very own baby grand piano, or pretend you’re preparing a meal in the cutest kitchen in the Bahamas.

Performance Room

Take the stage with lights, cameras and realcostumes and makeup for your very own skit, movie, photo shoot or live concert. Here's your chance to show off your singing, playing, acting and other talents. Just let yourself go and let the good times roll!

The stage area is used for plays, improvisation, movies, green screen activities, game shows and so much more. This room has its own sound booth and is the nerve center for the entire sound system within the club.

Also available:
Three (3) FunCams which are virtual reality systems that provide hours of gear-free virtual gaming enjoyment, with no green screen background required. Games include Grav Ball, Wizards Cavern, Soccer and Snowboarding

One (1) GroundFX for interactive gaming of basketball, hockey, beach stomp and soccer.

Lightspace® Play is a revolutionary entertainment system that combines the latest display and interactive technologies to produce a recreational experience that will provide hours of fun for children and adults of all ages. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by any number of participants simultaneously.

Game Room

This is a gamer’s dream with 12 gaming stations featuring Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, a Wii Tree and a Rock Band station. And checkout our cool iStand for interactive table play.

Computer Room

At 13 iMac stations you can surf the internet, play games and have fun with other creative projects like Doozla, Funtastic Photos, iCollage and Posterino and so much more!

Arts and Crafts Room

You will find fun things to do in our Arts & Crafts room from traditional crafts to interactive surface solutions. AKA has four (4) iTables for interactive play and crafts. Create your very own treasure, beach or undersea map, color in art, download photos and send virtual postcards. Play games on our iWall or display and work on the pictures you created on our iTables.


1. Atlantis Kids Adventures (AKA) is reserved for kids between the ages of 3 & 12. Proof of kid-dom (passport) will be required.

2. All children must be toilet trained and diaper/pull-up free.

3. Guests must stop by AKA and check their children in and out of the facility. Reservations and payment must be made to guarantee a spot in any of the sessions.

4. Photos will be taken of the child and parent for security purposes.

5. Cancellation policy: A refund will only be given if the reservation is canceled by 8:00pm the night prior to confirmed adventure.

6. Cubbies are provided for all participating children.

Tips to Guarantee Fun & Safety

If it’s not safe…it’s not fun!
  • Each program is designed with specific developmental characteristics for each age group. Therefore, to ensure the safety and security of each child participating in our adventures, identification with proof of age is required (passport). This must be presented upon entering the facility for the first time.
  • Children registered at Atlantis Kids Adventures are invited to participate in group activities adapted to their age group. If siblings request to be together, the older sibling is welcome to join the younger age group. For safety reasons, we cannot allow the younger children to move up to the next age group.
  • Our younger guests must be potty trained and diaper / pull-up free.
  • All children must be checked in and out by a parent, legal guardian or designee.
  • Due to limited availability, reservations and payment must be made to guarantee your adventure.
  • A refund will only be given if the reservation is canceled by 8:00pm the night prior to confirmed adventure.
  • To ensure your child has the best adventure experience, it is highly recommended that they arrive at the start of each session. Culinary Adventures will not accept children once the session has begun.
  • Due to safety and liability concerns, AKA staff will not be able to administer medication to children.
  • It is required to share all medical and developmental conditions when registering for an adventure.
  • It is essential for each child to be equipped with a hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, a change of clothes and any other items you deem necessary, since these items are not provided by AKA.
  • The hotel will not be held responsible for any valuables left with children.
  • It is not the role of an Adventure Guide to take any disciplinary action other than a time out. Repeated disruptive behavior by any child will be brought to the parent’s attention and may result in exclusion from future participation in AKA.
  • Activities offered in the adventure programs are subject to change depending on weather conditions.
  • An additional fee may apply due to the absence of parents beyond normal operating hours. In this event, AKA is authorized to take any measures necessary for the well-being of the child(ren).
  • AKA does not permit participants to bring outside food and beverage into the adventure.
  • AKA will not make any exceptions to the rules listed. The rules are designed for your child’s safety and security.
  • AKA conducts tours of the facility between 5:15-5:45pm daily. Brief tours outside of these hours may be available but viewing of all rooms within the facility may be restricted while children are in session. There is however, a virtual tour in the reception area for your convenience.

Thank you for your cooperation


Morning Adventure (inc. lunch)
10:30am - 1:00pm
Afternoon Adventure
2:30pm - 5:30pm
Evening Adventure
6:30pm - 10:30pm
Late Adventure
10:30pm - 12:00am

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Culinary Adventure

Inquire within Atlantis Kids Adventures for this week's schedules and times.


Hourly Rate


Late Night Adventure only offered on Friday and Saturday.
Prices and times subject to change without notice.

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