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Dining Plan FAQ

Q: There is a gratuity charge on my bill. What’s that?
A: A mandatory 15% gratuity is not included in the price of the meal plan and will be automatically posted to the room bill. The gratuity is based on the actual daily dining check, not the cost of the plan.

Q: My husband and I are on a meal plan and would like to eat breakfast in 2 different restaurants. Is that possible?
A: For the billing process to work effectively everyone on the plan must eat in the same restaurant at the same time.

Q: We’re on vacation with another family that’s also on the same meal plan and all want to eat together. What should we do to ensure the billing is correct?
A: In order to prevent billing discrepancies upon check- out each family must sign for their own check. One person can’t sign for the entire table.

Q: I was under the impression that children 6 years and under eat free when dining with a parent that’s on the meal plan. Why is there a charge on my bill?
A: The Children do eat free. The charge is the mandatory 15% gratuity that is added based on the monetary value of their complimentary meal.

Q: My 8 year old son prefers to select items from the adult menu but we are on the meal plan. How does that work?
A: Children 7 to 11 years old must order off the children’s menu in restaurants that offer them. In the event that they order off the adult menu, the full adult retail price will be charged.

Q: Should I tell my server that I’m on the meal plan?
A: We recommend that you specify to your server which meal plan you’ve purchased when seated at the table so that the server can process your check accordingly.

Q: Should we make dinner reservations in advance?
A: We always recommend reservations. Please dial EXT: 29 to make your dinner reservations. Note that the buffet restaurants don’t require reservations.

Q: What is your reservation cancellation policy?
A: We require a room number or credit card to secure dinner reservations.
We request that if guests decide to cancel their dinner reservation they do so no later than 4pm on the day of the reservation. Guests will be charged a $50 per person no show fee in the event that they do not show up for their reservation. There is a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes the guests will be charged the no- show fee of $50 per person.

Q: Do you have a dress code for specific restaurants?
A: Most restaurants do not have a specific dress code. However guests are asked to wear cover- ups in public areas such as restaurants and hotel lobbies. Fine dining restaurants, bars and nightlife venues do not allow flip flops, shorts or hats.

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